Accept Cryptocurrency Deposits Instantly. Fast, Easy And Secure.

End-to-end automation to process client deposits & withdrawals in under 30 seconds, with the option to auto-convert to fiat to eradicate volatility. Keep track of all payment and transaction history with real-time reporting via a user-friendly dashboard.

Crypto Processing Features

Discover how NACE Pay streamlines the process from setup to accepting payments and through to settlement. Watch our video to see our payment gateway in action, designed specifically to meet business needs.



Accept payments from your clients in cryptocurrency and complete checkouts in under 30 seconds, with the option to auto-convert into a fiat currency of your choice.



Process cryptocurrency payments back to your clients’ wallets, with auto-conversion from fiat currencies. This is primarily used for companies who need to process client withdrawals.



Have no exposure to cryptocurrency rates with our technology, simply change the settings to auto-convert crypto payments into your favourite fiat currency.



See a full and transparent overview of transactions, including payments in, who they are from and all associated rates and fees.


Fiat Settlement

Want to receive your fiat payments? Simply select Send Balance from our dashboard and we will remit your funds on a same-day wire transfer.


API Connectivity

Our API allows you leverage out cryptocurrency payment gateway technology in a full white label capacity. Bring cryptocurrency payments to your customers in your own way!



All cryptocurrency payments from customers are scanned by market leading technology provided by Chainalysis. Avoid accepting stolen or fraudulent funds with our inbuilt whitelisting.


Security & Licensing

Our solutions are licensed in Canada with Fintrac.


Client Onboarding

Setting up a NACE Pay account and passing KYC can be completed in less than one working day.

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Strong Partnerships

Our Client’s Trusted Partner

Our proactive and relationship-driven approach to managing cryptocurrency means we’re always our client’s first choice.

Head of Operations
CFD Brokerage

“As a Forex trading platform, we rely heavily on efficient payment processing. NACE has delivered this and much more. The speed of payments is astounding, the pricing is among the best in the industry, and the customer support is second to none. They’ve become an essential partner in our operations.”

Prominent CFD Brokerage

“Working with NACE has been a game-changer for our CFD brokerage. Their pricing is excellent, but what truly sets them apart is their speed and customer service. Our clients appreciate the fast payments, and the support team at NACE is always there when we need them. A stellar service through and through!”

Forex Company

“As the Director of a leading Forex trading platform, we have to ensure our payment system is fast, reliable, and cost-effective. NACE has checked all these boxes and more. With their unbeatable pricing, swift transactions, and exceptional customer support, we’ve managed to take our services to new heights. This team truly knows their crypto!”

Major Online Gaming Platform

“Running an online gaming business demands seamless transactions. With NACE, we’ve experienced just that. Their lightning-fast crypto payment processing, combined with competitive rates and superb customer support, has made a world of difference for our players. Highly recommended”

Premier Online Gaming Company

“Running an online gaming company, we sought a payment processor that could handle high-speed transactions at a fair cost, and NACE fits the bill perfectly. What’s more, their customer support is simply outstanding – always there to assist us when needed.”


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Learn about the process and other helpful subjects. We have compiled a list of the most asked questions by our customers – answered by us

NACE Pay caters primarily to a diverse clientele, supporting sectors such as Forex/CFD firms, Online Gaming entities, and E-commerce platforms. This strategic approach ensures tailored solutions that align seamlessly with the unique requirements of these industries. Forex/CFD firms benefit from our secure and efficient payment solutions, enhancing their transactional capabilities.

Online Gaming companies find a reliable partner in NACE Pay, facilitating seamless in-game transactions and user experiences. Additionally, E-commerce businesses leverage our platform for secure and scalable payment processing, contributing to their operational efficiency. This client-centric focus underscores our commitment to providing specialized services, addressing the distinct needs of Forex/CFD, Online Gaming, and E-commerce sectors within the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency.

From initiating a transaction to completing the checkout process, our cutting-edge technology ensures swift processing, culminating within a mere 30 seconds. This rapid turnaround time sets the stage for an unparalleled user experience, especially in the fast-paced realm of cryptocurrency.

As the digital landscape evolves, our commitment to expeditious and secure transactions remains unwavering. Users can engage in the entire process swiftly, enjoying the benefits of prompt confirmations and timely completions. NACE’s commitment to efficiency redefines the speed and convenience associated with cryptocurrency transactions, empowering users with unparalleled transactional agility.

By initiating a payment request through your merchant dashboard, you can now enjoy the convenience of receiving the funds on the very same day. This swift turnaround time sets us apart in the cryptocurrency landscape, ensuring that your financial transactions are not only efficient but also remarkably prompt.

The expedited payment process exemplifies our commitment to user-centric solutions, catering to the immediacy often demanded in business transactions. Embrace the ease of same-day payments through NACE, where speed and reliability converge to redefine the standards of convenience in the cryptocurrency payment ecosystem.

Yes, opting for cryptocurrency payments through our platform is not only convenient but also among the most secure avenues available. One of the key advantages is the absence of chargeback capabilities once payments are completed. Unlike traditional payment methods, cryptocurrency transactions, once made, are irreversible. This feature significantly mitigates the risks associated with fraudulent chargebacks, providing an added layer of security for both merchants and users.

Embracing the non-reversible nature of cryptocurrency payments, our platform ensures a robust and dependable payment ecosystem, bolstering confidence in the safety and integrity of financial transactions within the dynamic landscape of digital currencies.

Ensuring the utmost integrity and security of our cryptocurrency transactions, we’ve integrated Chainalysis technology into our platform. This advanced tool meticulously scans the complete history of all incoming cryptocurrencies, meaning every digital asset we accept boasts a clean and transparent transactional record.

By implementing Chainalysis, we fortify our commitment to a secure and compliant environment. This technology-driven approach not only enhances trust but also signifies our dedication to preventing illicit activities within the cryptocurrency space. Users can rest assured that any cryptocurrency accepted on our platform has undergone rigorous scrutiny, aligning with the highest standards of transparency and integrity.