Start accepting cryptocurrency and venture into a global, ever-expanding market to boost your revenue and widen your client base. Check out cryptocurrency payment and trading solutions tailored for businesses

Cryptocurrency Payment & Trading Solutions

Our Solutions

A secure, streamlined and cost-effective platform for businesses wanting to accept and exchange cryptocurrency. We have developed three core solutions to enable your business to take advantage of this transition to digital assets.

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

A fully automated cryptocurrency payment gateway to receive client payments directly and from PSPs, with the option to convert into fiat at the point of sale.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Enabling wholesale conversion between digital assets and fiat currencies at institutional pricing.

Cryptocurrency Invoicing

Enable your customers to settle your invoices in cryptocurrency with conversion to fiat in real-time.

Our Industry Expertise

As a borderless, transparent and secure way of conducting transactions, cryptocurrency poses an attractive new payment method for many. Our solutions have been designed the help the below industries capitalise on this.

Gaming & Gambling

Our payment gateway enables online Gaming & Gambling operators the ability to receive player deposits and process player withdrawals in cryptocurrency,

CFD & Forex

Our payment gateway provides an ideal payment solution for forex brokers, enabling them to accept crypto deposits from investors and credit their trading account in real-time.

Payment Service Provision

Our exchange offers PSP’s a fast, simple and secure platform to exchange large balances of USDT and other cryptocurrencies to and from fiat. Benefit from same day settlement with our robust banking and payment rails.


Our crypto payment gateway is a robust solution for online stores to accept Bitcoin, USDT and all other major digital assets. We provide a simple and secure invoicing gateway in cryptocurrency with no exchange rate risk for both merchants or their customers.

Free, and seamless integration.

Easy and quick to integrate into any platform with our bespoke API, providing connectivity into your existing technology.

Why Choose NACE?

We offer a turnkey solution to companies who want to buy, sell, and hold digital assets. An account allows you to exchange between all major cryptocurrency & fiat assets instantly at the click of a button.

Instantaneous Conversions

Automatically convert deposits into a fiat currency of your choice, eradicating exchange rate volatility.

Advanced Security Protocols

All cryptocurrencies held and insured in Fireblocks, the gold standard of security. Wallets are whitelisted via Chainalysis to provide KYC/AML peace of mind.

Strong Regulation

Licensed via FINTRAC in Canada, a strong regulatory environment for crypto processors.

Branded Integration

Our API enables you to tie this into your brand with fully customisable integration.

Streamlined Payments

Flexible and same day settlement services with robust banking and payment rails via listed financial institutions.

Multi-currency Support

Over 30 cryptocurrencies can be bought and exchanged between 40+ fiat currencies via our platform.

Partners & Integrations

We have strong relationships with a number of CRM/back-office providers and cashiers in order to make integration easier for our clients.

FX Back

Coins & Tokens

Our solutions support all major/popular coins and tokens. We offer unparalleled flexibility and are continually extending our offering to support crypto processing across an even wide array of digital assets.

US Coin
Bit Coin
Cash (BCH)
Enjin Coin


Learn about the process and other helpful subjects. We have compiled a list of the most asked questions by our customers – answered by us

Fees are charged as a percentage of a transaction and will be determined by your exact requirement and use case.

All client wallets and custody of funds is managed through Fireblocks, the market leader in Digital Assets Custody.

Incoming payments are scanned with Chainalysis, protecting our clients from fraud and illicit activity.

NACE cannot onboard clients from OFAC sanctioned countries.