Cryptocurrency OTC Exchange Platform

Our OTC desk allows you to buy and sell digital assets and also exchange between fiat, with 24/7 customer support.

  • OTC exchange abilities for over 30 cryptocurrencies all major fiat currencies
  • Real time global settlements for fiat and crypto payments
  • Execute instantly or utilise limit or stop orders

Flexible settlement services with robust banking and payment rails

Our exchange is connected to a vast network of banks and E-Money Institutions, ensuring the fastest fiat settlement times in the market.

Features & Benefits

Our OTC exchange offers our clients a fast, simple and secure platform for executing large volume trades, with deep liquidity pools and fast settlement times.



Exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat assets at the click of a button, with institutional pricing.



On-ramp in fiat or deposit cryptocurrencies directly into the platform. Both deposit methods are processed in real time.



Off-ramp in fiat or withdraw in cryptocurrencies directly from the platform. Both withdrawal methods are processed in real time.



Access and download a full report of all transactions, market orders, executions and withdrawals.


Security & Licensing

Our solutions are licensed in Canada with Fintrac.


Client Onboarding

Setting up an Exchange account and passing KYC can be completed in less than one working day.

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Strong Partnerships

Our Client's Trusted Partner

Our proactive and relationship-driven approach to managing cryptocurrency means we’re always our client’s first choice.

Head of Operations
CFD Brokerage

“As a Forex trading platform, we rely heavily on efficient payment processing. NACE has delivered this and much more. The speed of payments is astounding, the pricing is among the best in the industry, and the customer support is second to none. They’ve become an essential partner in our operations.”

Prominent CFD Brokerage

“Working with NACE has been a game-changer for our CFD brokerage. Their pricing is excellent, but what truly sets them apart is their speed and customer service. Our clients appreciate the fast payments, and the support team at NACE is always there when we need them. A stellar service through and through!”

Forex Company

“As the Director of a leading Forex trading platform, we have to ensure our payment system is fast, reliable, and cost-effective. NACE has checked all these boxes and more. With their unbeatable pricing, swift transactions, and exceptional customer support, we’ve managed to take our services to new heights. This team truly knows their crypto!”

Major Online Gaming Platform

“Running an online gaming business demands seamless transactions. With NACE, we’ve experienced just that. Their lightning-fast crypto payment processing, combined with competitive rates and superb customer support, has made a world of difference for our players. Highly recommended”

Premier Online Gaming Company

“Running an online gaming company, we sought a payment processor that could handle high-speed transactions at a fair cost, and NACE fits the bill perfectly. What’s more, their customer support is simply outstanding – always there to assist us when needed.”


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Learn about the process and other helpful subjects. We have compiled a list of the most asked questions by our customers – answered by us

Our exchange is tailored to cater specifically to clients engaged in substantial volumes of trading between fiat and cryptocurrency. Designed to meet the demands of high-frequency traders, it provides a seamless gateway for moving funds between fiat and crypto swiftly and efficiently.

This platform addresses the unique needs of those involved in large-scale transactions, offering a comprehensive solution for managing both fiat and cryptocurrency assets. Whether executing sizable trades or strategically diversifying portfolios, our exchange ensures a robust infrastructure for secure and rapid movement of funds, aligning with the dynamic requirements of clients navigating the intricate landscape of cryptocurrency and traditional fiat currencies.

Leveraging strategic connections, NACE has seamlessly integrated with six distinct liquidity providers, a testament to our commitment to optimal pricing and order fulfillment. This extensive network empowers us to secure competitive pricing for cryptocurrency transactions and ensures that orders of any size are met promptly and efficiently. The integration with multiple liquidity providers not only enhances the overall trading experience but also fortifies our capacity to navigate fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market seamlessly.

Clients can trust that, regardless of transaction size, NACE is well-positioned to provide a reliable and cost-effective trading environment, fostering confidence in the liquidity and scalability of our platform.

Start trading cryptocurrency swiftly by creating an account with us in just a few minutes. The user-friendly registration process streamlines the initial steps, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.

Following account creation, our diligent verification checks are conducted promptly, typically within 24 hours. These additional measures are in place to guarantee the security and compliance of your account. While the initial setup is quick, the verification process prioritizes the safety of your transactions. This commitment to efficiency and security reflects our dedication to providing a reliable and robust platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, balancing convenience with the necessary safeguards.

Experience unparalleled expediency with our platform as fiat payments are processed and completed on the same day. This swift turnaround time underscores our commitment to efficiency and user satisfaction. Whether engaging in transactions related to cryptocurrency investments, trading, or other financial activities, the same-day processing of fiat payments adds a layer of convenience to your experience. This streamlined approach not only enhances the overall user experience but also aligns with the fast-paced nature of the cryptocurrency landscape.

Rest assured that our platform prioritizes promptness, allowing users to seamlessly navigate their financial activities with confidence and agility in the dynamic world of digital currencies.

Instantly, our platform ensures the swift processing of cryptocurrency payments, providing users with unparalleled speed and convenience. Leveraging the inherent advantages of blockchain technology, crypto payments are executed in real-time, eliminating the traditional delays associated with financial transactions.

This instant processing feature not only aligns with the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market but also caters to users seeking immediate confirmations and seamless fund transfers. By prioritizing speed and efficiency, our platform redefines the standards of cryptocurrency transactions, offering a responsive and agile environment for users engaging in diverse activities, from trading to investments, within the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets.